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Become Irish at Starlite on St. Patrick's Day

On March 17 you can become Irish by meeting a leprechaun*, ordering our special green burger and enjoying the Irish treasure - Guinness beer. Only on March 17, the 2 + 1 special offer!

Come in green and feel the Irish luck. It is believed that green color brings good luck. For everyone coming in green *  discount of 17%.

* Green means any clothing item. But the more green, the more good luck.

* Meeting a leprecaun will be at Starlite m. Universitet from 4pm till 6pm


Sweet 8th of March at Starlite

We congratulate women on the upcoming International Women's Day and invite you to celebrate the spring holiday in the company of friends and beloved people.
On March 8th, Starlite will treat every girl with a sweet gift in honor of the holiday and prepare more surprises for our beautiful ladies.

Magic March 8th
Magician and illusionist show starting from 19:00
Starlite m. Pushkinskaya

Milkshake-ish March 8th
2nd milkshake for free
Starlite m. University


Blinis Week

Let`s spend the Blinis Week enjoying our delicious blinis and our new "fluffy" tradition 'All You Can Eat Pancakes'.  From 4th till 10th of March guests can enjoy unlimited refills of the Starlite's hot, buttery and sweet pancakes for just 299R. Eat as much as you want till you have had your fill, only at Starlite. (from 6 am till 12 pm)


Burger Challenge

We would like to introduce the Burger Challenge which will really separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls and the positively hungry from the deceptively peckish.
It costs 1500R, and if you manage to eat it within 15 minutes – you get it for FREE. Moreover, a certificate and a your own star in our Wall of Fame! Think you’re up to the task?

The rules:
Must be eaten in 15 minutes or less.
No sharing.
All the contents of the burger and sides must be consumed.

P.S. The burger can be ordered outside of the challenge for the price of the burger.


New menu

When it feels like everything is the same, Starite presents a new menu with new dishes, burgers and cocktails.
Even though there is no opportunity to visit America,  you have a chance to discover the spirit and taste of America at Starlire Diner!
Stop suffering from the winter doldrums, come to Starlite and embark on a  culinary journey to taste  the traditional comfort cuisine of the United States featured in our new menu !
Exciting burgers, cocktails, salads and sandwiches are waiting for you at Starlite! You will absolutly love it!


More Burger – more fun!

Starlite Diner has embraced the New Year spirit and given you a show stopper burger "Star- New Year Tree". All your favorite burgers combined together creating a festive treat with a special price!

This feels like the sort of burger you absolutely need to eat at least once. And the holidays season seem like a perfect occasion. Hurry up and try our new creation with your friends and get a holiday experience, available from 27 December throughout 1st of January.


Thanksgiving Day at Starlite Diner

Thursday, November 22nd

Join us on Thanksgiving day for a special holiday feast!

Invite the whole family and your friends and dine with us, enjoy our traditional home style Thanksgiving Dinner or a holiday-inspired burger that has all the best flavors of Thanksgiving.

You can also reserve your complete Holiday feast to take home! We’re featuring a complete turkey dinner, take away orders must be reserved by November 19th.


Football Time at Starlite

June 14th – July 15th is the time of football, live streams, excitement and incredible taste sensations! Only at Starlite!


Summer Drinks Season

Lemonades and sweet teas, iced coffees and fruit smoothies, freak shakes and different cocktails - find your favorite summer quenchers. These cool summer sippers will satisfy every occasion and every thirst.


Children's Day

Starlite Diner congratulates its young guests and their parents on Children's Day and invites you to celebrate this event at any Starlite Diner.
Children can select dishes from special children's menu. In addition, the restaurant has prepared a special gift to families - our huge and unique dessert "Kitchen Sink". 12 scoops of ice cream, brownies, nuts, various toppings, oreo`s, bananas, berries and whipped cream! Such a gift will be enjoyed both by adults and children! *

When ordering from 3000 rubles


Cinco De Mayo. Only 5th of May.


Big Easter Lottery at Starlite Diner!

This Easter a Surprise is waiting for you!

April 8th come for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and Participate to the Lottery!


Green Burger at Starlite Diner

A special green burger "Leprechaun" for the Irish Week was created by the brand-chef of "Starlite" Steve Tursi. The burger can be ordered at all Starlite Diner restaurants from March 14 till 30. A juicy craft patty made of black Angus beef, cheese, Guacamole sauce, Iceberg salad, Jalapeno pepper and pickles are served on a green bun and served with "golden" potato puffs (Tater tots), green ketchup and a pleasant surprise.


Starlite and the city or 8 of March at Starlite Diner

March 8 is a wonderful occasion to arrange a romantic get-together with loved ones or gather all your girlfriends and celebrate something really memorable. You can will have fun while talking about love, men, relationships while drinking delicious cocktails and eating burgers. We have prepared a special offer, two cosmopolitan drinks for the price of one.

Come dressed as one of the main characters from "Sex and the City" and get a Cosmopolitan as a gift. In order to create a special vibe we will show episodes of “Sex and the City" throughout the evening and treat ladies to our sweet surprises.

Come celebrate the day of spring and beauty at Starlite Diner restaurants!



Starlite Diners Celebrate MEN’S DAY on February 23rd (Friday).

Join us for our special deal Celebratory Shot of Kamikadze for those who order our Famous Buffalo Wings

Moreover, sweet presents will await all men throughout the day!


Lent menu


Valentine's Day at Starlite Diner

On February 14th, enjoy a beautiful evening in a romantic atmosphere at one of the Starlite Diner restaurants.

As a treat, Starlite prepared a sparkling wine for couples, and for those who have not been lucky enough to find their soulmate, Starlite arranges Valentine's mail.

If you want to get to know someone or just make a compliment to someone, then you can fill out a Star-valentine and pass it to any waiter, explaining to whom it needs to be handed. Who knows, maybe in a year you will come to Starlite to celebrate Valentin`s day together?


Join us for the Blinis Week! February 12- 18th

Our Chefs at Starlite Diners are presenting a special menu. Discover our Smoked Salmon Blini, Bacon Spinach & Feta Blini, Mango Raspberry and Strawberry Nutella Blini and many more!

Starting today choose a blini that is to your taste; but, better yet, try all the special selections during the rest of week!

Don`t want blinis and you crave some pancakes? Order from our breakfast menu only throughout this week.

Come celebrate the farewell of the winter with us!

Want to get 365 days of free burgers at Starlite? Take part in a holiday contest!

All you need to do is to congratulate Starlite on New Year: the one who will do this in the most unique way, will get a card to a “burger paradise”-
a chance to eat a burger everyday for free throughout the whole year!
It could be a photo or a video or something else, surprise us and we will surprise you back with our special gift.
*All burgers will be available for an order, except “The really big Shawn burger”

Thanksgiving Day at Starlite Diner

Join us on Thanksgiving day for a special holiday feast! Thursday, November 23rd - 12:00-21:00
Invite the whole family and dine with us or reserve Your complete Holiday feast to take home!
We’re featuring a complete turkey dinner Take away orders must be reserved by November 19th

NEW Hot Drinks Specials

Warm up with a hot drink from our «Hot Drinks Specials»!

Starlite has come up with a new line-up of hot drinks to keep you warm during this fall and winter. There’s something for everyone to make you feel cozy in the rain and snow from warm popcorn & caramel delight to a refreshing gingerbread & cherry tea.

Celebrate with us CITY DAY on September 9th!

Join us on City Day celebration on September 9th! Starlite Diner featuring a limited promotion for our guests.
Order any beer 1.5L and get complimentary Buffalo Chicken Wings or
get a complimetary Starlite Apple Pie with an order of Entree or Burger.
This one time offer is applied for 1 bill. Promotion is valid on 9/09/2017 at all the Restaurants.

Back to school!

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Final watch LIVE

This Sunday Come and watch LIVE
FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Final at 9 p.m.!

Enjoy our Bar Specials at Starlite Diner

1=2 Beers
Stella Artois, India Pale Ale, Miller Buckets!

* This offer is valid during the game only.


Are you ready to enjoy a Tiki Summer with us?
Refreshing “Tiki Cocktail’s”
and our “Best Summer Smoothies” at Starlite Diner!
Summer is here, Let’s give a Big Cheer!

Hawaiian Punch
(375ml.) - 499
(375 ml.) - 499
Bermuda Triangle    
(375 ml.) - 499
Lady Killer    
(375 ml.) - 449
Planter’s Punch    
(375 ml.) - 499
Apple Pie Kvass    
(420 ml.) - 249
Cherry Kvass    
(420 ml.) - 249
Tropical Float Lemonade    
(300 ml.) - 229
Blueberry-Banana Smoothie    
(300 ml.) - 229
Tropical Smoothie    
(300 ml.) - 229
Raspberry-Mint Smoothie    
(300 ml.) - 229
Popcorn Coffee Frappe    
(300 ml.) - 229
Chocolate Mint Frappe    
(300 ml.) – 229
Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic with cucumber    
(300 ml.) - 549
Aperol Spritz    
(200 ml.) - 299
Espresso Martini    
(150 ml.) – 449
Cucumber Martini    
(120 ml.) - 199
Jim Beam Old Fashioned    
(200 ml.) - 349
Moscow Mule    
(420 ml.) - 349

Join us for Ice Hockey World Championship IIHF 2017

Ice Hockey World Championship IIHF 2017 - come and watch it LIVE at Starlite Diner!

For you:

Happy Hours 2=1 e Draft Beers Stella Artois and Krusovice (or house wine red/white) at Starlite Diner
Pushkinskaya - Strastnoy blv. 8a working days from 15 - 20.00
Universitet - Prospekt Vernadskogo 6 everyday from 23 - 5.00

Nr    Group    Date    Time    Phase    Game
1    A    5 May, Fri           17:15            PRE    SWE  vs  RUS
2    B    5 May, Fri           17:15            PRE    FIN  vs  BLR
3    A    5 May, Fri           21:15            PRE    USA  vs  GER
4    B    5 May, Fri           21:15            PRE    CZE  vs  CAN
5    A    6 May, Sat    13:15    PRE    LAT  vs  DEN
6    B    6 May, Sat    13:15    PRE    SUI  vs  SLO
7    A    6 May, Sat    17:15    PRE    SVK  vs  ITA
8    B    6 May, Sat    17:15    PRE    BLR  vs  CZE
9    A    6 May, Sat    21:15    PRE    GER  vs  SWE
10    B    6 May, Sat    21:15    PRE    NOR  vs  FRA
11    A    7 May, Sun    13:15    PRE    ITA  vs  RUS
12    B    7 May, Sun    13:15    PRE    SLO  vs  CAN
13    A    7 May, Sun    17:15    PRE    USA  vs  DEN
14    B    7 May, Sun    17:15    PRE    FIN  vs  FRA
15    A    7 May, Sun    21:15    PRE    LAT  vs  SVK
16    B    7 May, Sun    21:15    PRE    NOR  vs  SUI
17    A    8 May, Mon    17:15    PRE    GER  vs  RUS
18    B    8 May, Mon    17:15    PRE    BLR  vs  CAN
19    A    8 May, Mon    21:15    PRE    USA  vs  SWE
20    B    8 May, Mon    21:15    PRE    FIN  vs  CZE
21    A    9 May, Tue    17:15    PRE    ITA  vs  LAT
22    B    9 May, Tue    17:15    PRE    SLO  vs  NOR
23    A    9 May, Tue    21:15    PRE    SVK  vs  DEN
24    B    9 May, Tue    21:15    PRE    SUI  vs  FRA
25    A    10 May, Wed    17:15    PRE    USA  vs  ITA
26    B    10 May, Wed    17:15    PRE    SUI  vs  BLR
27    A    10 May, Wed    21:15    PRE    SVK  vs  GER
28    B    10 May, Wed    21:15    PRE    FIN  vs  SLO
29    A    11 May, Thu    17:15    PRE    RUS  vs  DEN
30    B    11 May, Thu    17:15    PRE    CZE  vs  NOR
31    A    11 May, Thu    21:15    PRE    SWE  vs  LAT
32    B    11 May, Thu    21:15    PRE    CAN  vs  FRA
33    A    12 May, Fri    17:15    PRE    SWE  vs  ITA
34    B    12 May, Fri    17:15    PRE    CZE  vs  SLO
35    A    12 May, Fri    21:15    PRE    DEN  vs  GER
36    B    12 May, Fri    21:15    PRE    FRA  vs  BLR
37    A    13 May, Sat    13:15    PRE    LAT  vs  USA
38    B    13 May, Sat    13:15    PRE    NOR  vs  FIN
39    A    13 May, Sat    17:15    PRE    RUS  vs  SVK
40    B    13 May, Sat    17:15    PRE    SLO  vs  BLR
41    A    13 May, Sat    21:15    PRE    ITA  vs  GER
42    B    13 May, Sat    21:15    PRE    CAN  vs  SUI
43    A    14 May, Sun    17:15    PRE    SVK  vs  USA
44    B    14 May, Sun    17:15    PRE    FRA  vs  CZE
45    A    14 May, Sun    21:15    PRE    DEN  vs  SWE
46    B    14 May, Sun    21:15    PRE    SUI  vs  FIN
47    A    15 May, Mon    17:15    PRE    DEN  vs  ITA
48    B    15 May, Mon    17:15    PRE    CAN  vs  NOR
49    A    15 May, Mon    21:15    PRE    RUS  vs  LAT
50    B    15 May, Mon    21:15    PRE    FRA  vs  SLO
51    A    16 May, Tue    13:15    PRE    SWE  vs  SVK
52    B    16 May, Tue    13:15    PRE    BLR  vs  NOR
53    A    16 May, Tue    17:15    PRE    RUS  vs  USA
54    B    16 May, Tue    17:15    PRE    CZE  vs  SUI
55    A    16 May, Tue    21:15    PRE    GER  vs  LAT
56    B    16 May, Tue    21:15    PRE    CAN  vs  FIN
57        18 May, Thu    17:15    QF     vs  
58        18 May, Thu    17:15    QF     vs  
59        18 May, Thu    21:15    QF     vs  
60        18 May, Thu    21:15    QF     vs  
61        20 May, Sat    16:15    SF     vs  
62        20 May, Sat    20:15    SF     vs  
63        21 May, Sun    18:15    BMG     vs  
64        21 May, Sun    21:45    GMG    


Happy Easter
April 16th
Master-classes for Kids,
Complimentary Easter Cake!*

Schedule of Master-classes:
from 11:00 till 15:00    m. Mayakovskaya    Bolshaya Sadovaya, 16
from 12:00 till 16:00    m. Oktyabrskaya    Koroviy Val, 9а
from 11:00 till 17:00    m. Universitet    Prospekt Vernadskovo, 6 (Kapitoliy TTs, 3rd floor)
from 12:00  till 16:00    m. Pushkinskaya    Strastnoy Blvd, 8а 

*This promo is limited by quantity.

BUSINESS LUNCH at Starlite Diner!

Available at Starlite Diners:
- Bolshaya Sadovaya, 16
- Prospekt Vernadskovo, 6

St. Patrick's Day!

Join us on Friday, March 17th to celebrate St.Patrick's Day!
Starlite Diners will be decorated and waiters will be dressed up in Festive Costumes.
All weekend buy Guinness 3 and get 1 free! (Noon March 17th until Midnight the 19th)

Come in wearing something with Kelly Green or a Painted Face or make a post of yourself together with our servers 'Leprechauns' and tag @starlitediners in Instagram! and get the famous 'Irish Car Bomb' Cocktail Free!
Last but not least join our search for “Leprechaun’s Gold'. Winners will receive golden coins and surprises from the Restaurant!

International Women's Day at Starlite Diner!

Come to celebrate International Women’s Day at Starlite Diner!
Enjoy a romantic dinner, a complimentary Cosmopolitan cocktail, and handmade macaroons for Ladies!
Starlite Diner Pushkinskaya  is delighted to present special entertainment  program featuring  DJ from  20-00 till 24-00.

Also March 8 we are launching a photo/video contest for Ladies in Instagram and Vkontakte!
The rules are very simple – you need to take selfie photo or make a video at Starlite Diner, eating your favorite burger with tags @starlitediners and #starlitediners
The contest will run until April 1st.
On March 15th , 22nd  and 29th we will be rewarding  the three best photos with  nice souvenirs from Starlite Diner: power banks for mobile phones, souvenir magnets and restaurant certificates.
The absolute winner of the contest will be chosen on  April 1st . She will get the title the Queen of Starlite Diner, and receive a certificate for  5 000R and her own personal table in the restaurant Starlite Diner! Ladies ONLY!


Party Platters Menu

Do you know how you can organize perfect party or coffee break in the office?!
Especially for you, we delighted to present 'Take away Party menu'! Large portions of your favorite dishes for an attractive prices! All you need to do is to select what you would like to order - it will be served in a convenient package for takeaway! We make your life easier!



Starlite Diners Celebrate MEN’S DAY on February 23rd (Thursday)

Join us for a Celebratory Shot of Vodka with Red Bull!
And Enjoy our Famous Wings

Buffalo Wings for 389R! (reduced 100r from our regular price)
Double wings 579R! (reduced 200r from our regular price)


Blini's Week

Join us during this Blini's Week!
February 20th - 26th
at Starlite Diner our Chefs are presenting a special menu.
Discover our Smoked Salmon Blini, Bacon Spinach & Feta Blini, Mango Raspberry Blini and many more!

Discount for Students on Student's Day!

Come to Starlite Diner on 25.01, show your student's ID and get 15% of on all the menu!
Also publish your selfie with tag #StarliteStudy on Instagram and win a lunch for 1500Rur!
All the participants will get surprises from Starlite Diner.
We will pick the winner randomly and make the announcement on January 26th at Starlite Diner profiles on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte.

Xmas Cookies and Coffee! Get Free Mug!


Time for X-mas gifts from Starlite

Happy X-Mas times are coming soon! Are you well - prepared for the hot festive season?
We have perfect news for you!
Purchase 1000R Gift Card for you or your friends and get certificates for 500R from Starlite and Santa!

Period of promotion - 22/11/2016 - 30/12/2016
Purchasing 1000r Gift card you receive one certificate for 300R and one certificate for 200R.
Period of validity for 200 and 300R certificates is 31/12/2016-31/01/2017
Minimal order for 200R certificate is 999R
Minimal order for 300R certificate is 1199R
The discounts do not sum up.

Enjoy X-Mas and NY with Starlite Diner!

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner!

Thanksgiving is coming in a few days!
Whether you prefer to celebrate it with your family and friends at home or in the City, Starlite will make it happen!
Order today a complete Turkey Dinner for 9999R (12 pers) inclusive of  Freshly Roasted Whole Turkey with Apricot and Cranberry Stuffing, Garlic and Herbed Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli & Cauliflower Au Gratin, Cranberry Orange Sauce and Turkey Gravy... Will be a perfect pairing with our own Pumpkin Pie for 2599R Available for  for takeaway and delivery (by request).

Or book your Celebration on November 24th at any Starlite Diner you prefer!
A complete dinner for 1 person is 799R, our pumpkin Pie 259R.

See you at Starlite and Happy Thanksgiving!

New hand-crafted menu from Chef!

Come to Starlite to try new specials of the Hand-Crafted Chef's menu! Taste Cajun Chicken and Shrim Jambalaya, stunning Rice Pudding Creme Brulee, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Pudding and more...

Starlite painting parties!

November specials:
Ticket price 999Rur, ticket for two -1599r, ticket for four - 2849r
includes master-class and complementary glass of wine (or n/a beverage).
only for participants during event
Book your Class now! tel. +7 499 394 68 92



Join us for HALLOWEEN!
From October 28th till October 31st for you:
- SPECIAL MENU black and red burgers!
Come to Starlite take a picture and puplish in instagram or Facebook with tag #starlite
THE most popular post WINS A COMPLEMENTARY DINNER for two!


FRIDAY 8P.M. DJ AND CONTESTS AT Starlite Diner at Strastnoy blv. 8A.



Hippie Fest at Starlite!

Join us for the Hippie Fest at Starlite Diner!
14th of October - Hippie party with DJ, costume contest, lottery and compliments from the bar!
Start at 20.00
15th of October we invite you and your kids to master-classes. We will make flower crowns and wrist bands!

Come to have fun with us at Starlite Diner on Pushkinskaya or Universitet!
Costumes are welcome!


Starlite painting nights

Love to Paint, Drink, and Have Fun?
Every Tuesday evening at Starlite Diner on Strastnoy Blvd, 8. We will be giving you the opportunity to show your artistic side and have fun at the same time. We are featuring a notable instructors to guide you thru the process. Reserve your ticket today for only 1699Rur and enjoy your paint night out. Your ticket includes a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage and provides all the materials you will need to create your master piece!

Also we have an exclusive offer:

1=2 for any glass or bottle of wine for participants during event!
Call us and book your class!
+7 (495) 989 44 61


Chocolate Strawberry Chimichanga

Many Thanks to our Guest Ann. She was inspired by our new Mango Chimichanga and shared her own recipe:

These Chocolate Strawberry Chimichangas are very easy to make and are perfect for a party or an easy to make weeknight dessert.
1 lb (480 gr) Strawberries, fresh
8 oz (240 gr) Challenge strawberry cream cheese spread
1 cup  (240 gr) Chocolate spread
1 tbsp (6 gr) Cinnamon, ground
1/2 cup (120 gr) Granulated sugar
8 Flour tortillas
2 tbsp (12 gr.) Butter

These Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas are so easy to make and are perfect for a crowd OR an easy weeknight dessert. Fresh strawberries, strawberry cream cheese and chocolate are wrapped in a tortilla, fried to a golden brown and rolled in cinnamon and sugar - totally irresistible!

Craft Burgers & Beer menu

Our new “Craft Menu” is now available at all the Starlite Diners. We have created an outstanding selection of Hand Crafted Burgers & selected an array of outstanding Craft Beers for your enjoyment. You never knew how good a Burger could taste until today!
What is our Craft Burger: We have started with the 2 key ingredients of any burger, THE BEEF & THE BUN. We sel ect the finest ingredients, combine them with a touch of unique spices, and flavorings. We then slow cook them on our grated grill to your specification. Served with a different homemade sauces and various types of chips and brought together to create the tastiest, juiciest burgers around!  We tried all sorts of combinations until we found what we thought were the best. Smashed, grilled and steamed to perfection by our team of chefs. We sampled them all and we all had our favorites!
Don’t wait --- Come down today, tonight or now! Now offered at all Starlite Diners. Can’t get here right away? Order fr om our Starlite App, Website, or call us directly at your closest Starlite, and get free FREE delivery TODAY!


STARSATION white party!

This Friday at 8 p.m. join our STARSATION white party at Starlite Diner Strastnoy blv. This evening for you: DJ, White bar cocktails ONLY 199Rur, lotterry and exlusive from Red Bull and Starlite Diner, FREE welcome drinks and more!