Celebrate Birthday at Starlite Diner

You have a birthday? Celebrate it with your friends and colleagues at the best diner in Moscow and Register Starlite Birthday club!

What could be better than gathering all the relatives, friends or colleagues in a bright and friendly restaurant to celebrate a birthday widely and not being afraid to shake the family budget!
For all birthday-boys and girls we provide a 10 % discount, but only for members of the Club, we have prepared a special offer! Every birthday Club member becomes the owner:

  • 20% discount on all menu and drinks
  • A glass of champagne for each guest
  • Birthday cake with a candle
  • Balloons (on guest's request)
  • Execution for you classic congratulations "Happy Birthday" in the best traditions of American diner

But that's not all.

Birthday Club members have the opportunity to reserve a table at any of the diner, if its size allows to place all of your friends!
To do this, you need to call the restaurant and make a reserve a table at the date of your stay! During holidays and on Sundays reserves taken at the discretion of the manager of the restaurant.

After registration you will receive a personal gift certificate, which you can use for 3 days before and 7 days after your date of birth!

Spend happy moments with the Starlite Diner!